• Soul Care with Casey

    For those who are listening for God's voice and yearning to understand the Spirit's work

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    Many of us are experiencing a great downward spiral in our mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the aftermath of COVID, economic uncertainty, broken families, and division in our world. I believe that now is the time to RENEW our heart, mind, and body. We need a dedicated plan for restoration and a return to wholeness. That's what soul care is all about.

    As a certified yoga teacher with extended training and specialization in Christ-centered yoga, trauma, spiritual disciplines, soul care, holistic practices, natural health, and essential oils, I feel called to rise up in service to my fellow women in need of renewal. My hope is to provide environments of grace, freedom, and healing so that YOU can receive the nurture and care you need to be the woman you were made to be!

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    I invite you to SAY YES to the Soul Care that you need. Browse the soul care packages below and select the one that works best for you!

    I look forward to listening deeply to your heart, hopefully over a warm cup of coffee! Sessions that include restorative yoga can be held in my home or yours, and will be done at a pace that works for your body.

    We've all been through so much. It's time to renew again. It's time to talk through the things that matter most—your life, marriage/singleness, kids, spiritual life, personal struggles, and more. I look forward to walking with you on this journey.

  • Book your Soul Care experience with Casey

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    Soul Care sessions with Casey (1-hour)

    $75 = 1x / month

    $150 = 2x / month


    Private Yoga & Soul Care (2-hour)

    $110 = 1x / month

    $220 = 2x / month

    Upon purchase, you'll be given access to Casey's booking calendar to book the dates/times that work for you!

  • Book your Soul Care experience with Casey